Living in harmony at the Presset refuge

The refuge is one of the last bastions of collective life and we want it! This atypical place requires us to extract ourselves from our daily comfort and the self-centered habits of the house. But you'll see: you'll end up getting a taste for it!

For those who need to know more and for those who simply don't know about these unusual altitude dormitories, here are some notions of living together.

Hikers side

  • There are no rooms or suites here, but splendid airy dormitories with 6 places. The first ones have the luxury of choosing their bed. However... Leave the bottom bunks to the little ones and people who have the most difficulty climbing ladders.

  • For (or against) snorers... Several solutions are available to you: A > Fall asleep before they do. B > Remix Beethoven's symphony in nostrils flat major. C > Come and finish the dishes with the team if your earplugs are ineffective.

  • Gather your stuff. 30 stunned =

  • Share the table, set it up and clear it, together.

  • Remove your mobile phone when it is charged as we do not have a plug per person.

  • Respect the silence when the first ones go to bed and get up early the next morning.

  • Leave clean the rooms in which you stay for the well-being of all.

  • Spray yourself with deodorant and perfume outside (or not at all! Think again, it's less hot without deodorant!). In an enclosed space: the common room and the kitchen will soon smell.

  • Share as much as you want, enjoy and meet the hikers around you!
  • Hut keepers side

    We live at the Presset refuge for about 7 months a year. We are present every day, in all weathers on (very very) long daily hours. Our joy in serving you and sharing these moments among you (heterogeneous mountain men and women) certainly requires taking time for us and keeping a secret space (however tiny)!

    Thank you for respecting these few points to avoid wrinkles on our foreheads at the end of the season and to keep us smiling from one end of the season to the other despite fatigue!

  • We are not available during our meals. We need, like you, to eat three times a day! Besides, we love fruit, chocolate, homemade desserts...

  • Respect the private spaces and the hours of availability. The kitchen and reception are exclusively reserved for the team.

  • Respect the rules of the shelter: meal times, availability of resources, politeness and community life; these rules are there for the well-being of all and all the time of an ephemeral night of collocation!

  • You can come and see us at any time of the day or night in case of emergency (note: the search for the last piece of the chess game at 02:20 in the morning is excluded from emergency cases).

  • With all that, all you have to do is enjoy a meal on the terrace and admire the view with your toes fanned out!

    The Presset refuge for families

    You don't need to be a trail running champion to go up to Presset! You are welcome whatever your age and level!

    In order to satisfy all desires, all ages and all sizes: we adapt the refuge to children and their parents. For the greatest back happiness and in order to simplify the life of the parents, the refuge has equipped itself with some magical accessories:

  • A travel bed (waterproof!)

  • A high chair (to match the Pierra Menta)

  • Games babies, children, teenagers (adults too!)

  • Cutlery and bibs for young and old.

  • Crocs in all sizes.

  • Spare comforters.

  • We can, on request, reheat baby bottles and other compotes for taste buds without sharp fangs.

    "We wish you great hikes in the Beaufortain massif and a pleasant stay at the Presset refuge! The Guardians and their amazing team."