Survey and Preserve

Hiker friends who are reading these lines; you are lucky to travel through superb mountain landscapes like 35% of French men and women! Wherever you look you can see shades of green, the tops of the ridges, the curvature of the passes and, scattered, a few cumulus clouds which bravely try to cross the walls of rock which rise in their path.

In the age of super-cars and time-consuming gadgets, help us protect the massif, Lake Presset, the entire mountain. Help us preserve these natural settings to preserve the beauty of the place, the dreams of our children and the happiness of our wild hikes!


A few simple tips

  • Be respectful of flora and fauna: do not shout or run after animals; this behavior panics them, stresses them, and causes them to slowly die.

  • Take down your waste! And if you feel like it (the bag too) 1 or 2 boxes, a small or large bottle from the refuge! Simple gestures like these, put end to end: will one day avoid a waste descent by helicopter.

  • On the paths, don't hesitate to pick up objects and rubbish that have (unfortunately) fallen out of a pocket!

  • Don't leave your compostable waste anywhere: it's ugly for the next ones and groundhogs don't have a chip or banana stomach yet! In addition, the refuge has a compost: we will tell you its location with pleasure.

  • Stay on the trails as much as possible. In secret corners are probably hiding a juvenile marmot, a sleeping ptarmigan, a snake basking in the sun...

  • Keep your dogs close so as not to scare the alpine fauna. Near the refuge pick up their droppings and evacuate them in the dry toilets.

  • Do not swim in the lakes. It's forbidden in Presset, but the others don't like dishwashing liquid or sunscreen either. All these products destroy fragile biotopes and pollute. Just dip your reflection in it!

  • Think about your means of travel to come. train ? Bus ? Carpooling ? Solo or group car. This reduces pollution, nuisances and it's easier in the parking lot!

  • Your equipment: rent it, have it loaned to you, buy it on a second-hand resale platform... before buying new for one-time use.

  • Use the resources of the refuge with intelligence and parsimony: the water of the Presset refuge comes from the lake, it is not trivial to use a finite and limited resource. Use electricity when it's sunny! Everything here is solar powered. Give priority to charging one person per group as a priority.

  • "After all that you can put the path under your feet and go on an adventure watching nature with wonder!"