Who are the hut keepers of the refuge?

We are Charlotte and Jean-Philippe, two mountaineers roped together at the Presset refuge in Beaufortain! We spend 7 months of the year up there for ski touring, splitboarding and snowshoeing (February to April), and for summer hiking (June to September). A strong team accompanies us every season, seasonal workers in love with a resilient lifestyle, virtuosos of the brush and service at altitude.

Anchored in shelters for more than 10 years, with our diploma in hut keepers in the bag, we handle ladles and pots with ease. We are here to make you appreciate wild nature, to simmer you good meals (the major part of our activity and therefore of our working time), to orient you towards your walks and to make you contemplate the stars.

In an isolated site, the guards must be versatile: we manage the building and its energies (no connection to EDF!), supplies, injuries and fatigue for young and old, cleaning and washing up. , lost hikers, awareness (urgent!) and nature protection.

The first snows presage the arrival of the guards at the refuge as surely as the marmots sink into their burrow. In autumn, the faded tint of the alpine flora encourages us to climb!

Equip yourself with a good backpack, a good pair of shoes, your good mood, and go into nature with your family, your friends, strangers, and above all: with pleasure! We look forward to meeting you in this grandiose Beaufortain massif.

"Beautiful hikes in nature! See you soon, the Presset team."

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